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'An ancient philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of something ordinary into something extraordinary, often as a result of combining seemingly disparate objects or ideas.'
Alchemy Equipment creates performance driven style. Our products are the response to our own requirement for apparel and luggage with the functionality that performance driven brands promise, but with a well-tailored and refined modern aesthetic. 
Using a mix of innovative and traditional textiles and construction techniques, we pair technical performance  with classicly tailored silhouettes that resist being overly contextualised. We create products which are at home in the high mountains and the high street, for modern lifestyles that constantly transition between multiple environments and contexts.

Our products are born from an alchemy that unifies the ambitions of function and form, style and substance, the technical and the tailored.  
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Created in a sunroom overlooking Pegasus Bay to the snow-capped Kaikoura ranges, our debut collection was selected as one of the top 5 global brands at ISPO Munich in auspicious start.

We work out of our combined design/ showroom/ retail space located at The Tannery in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Here, bordered by bakers, brewers, jewellers and barristas we chat with our customers, drink good coffee and create Alchemy Equipment.  

Driven by a small team of apparel industry veterans (with a refrereshing dose of fresh ideas from future veterans), we are not interested in doing things only to the standards we see all around us. Alchemy Equipment products should have premium material selections, and we source from mills across Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Japan (along with merino from a lot closer to home). We pride ourselves on impeccible construction (try turning one our pieces inside out and compare) and tailoring that makes each piece feel special each time you wear it.

How we make things also matters to us- with deep relationships with our vendors (some approaching 25 years of working together, albeit elsewhere), and we only work with people we like and trust. Our supply chain is narrow and deep, so we ensure our consistancy and quality, and we are assured of best practices being implemented (SMETA audited). 

We work with a more diverse group of material suppliers, but a common link, other than quality, is the importance we place on processes. Almost all materials are Bluesign and/or Oeko-Tex cerified, our knitwear uses wool from RWS (responsible Wool Standard) suppliers, we source RDS (responsible down standard ) down, and we use organically grown cotton.

We build our products so that the cradle to grave cycle is long- and that philosphy is why you dont see us closely following fleeting fashion trends, we favour a more timeless approach to building a wardrobe.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist, are up for a chat or a viewing of the collection, you'll find us at:

6-7 Tannery Way,
The Tannery, Garlands Road,
Woolston, Christchurch.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +64 (03) 381-5566